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“Writing was so solitary before, but joining a community of other writers has changed everything for me. I love supporting one another and cheering each other on. It also helps with my own self discipline to know I have friends to hold me accountable.”

Elizabeth Zichy @elizabethzichy_author
YA Fantasy and Historical Fiction author


“My favourite thing [about the Lemon Friday community] is supportive friends and knowing we’ll all grow together.”

Tracey Mayhew @traceymayhewauthor
Contemporary Romance author


“This group has really inspired me… I cannot express how much joy it brings me knowing we’re all trying to grow together and support each other. It’s a reminder every day to keep going and keep trying.”

Trina Kurilla @trinakurilla
YA and Adult Urban Fantasy author


“[I appreciate] knowing I’m not alone! Writing is often very solitary, and now with the pandemic, connection is more vital than ever.”

Megan Cooley Peterson @megancooleypeterson
YA Thriller & Mystery author


“The best thing about being part of a community like Lemon Friday, is the solidarity, understanding and acceptance. Plus meeting interesting, talented people I otherwise wouldn’t have met!”

Tracy Fox @thisfoxsays
YA Fantasy author and writer of creative non-fiction shorts


Imagine being able to confidently show up online, grow an impressive following of fans and build genuine and valuable relationships – in just a few hours every month…

With Lemon Friday, you get a social media toolkit designed specially for authors – refilled and refreshed every month

Boost social engagement 
The point is not to get a million followers. Really, it’s not! If those million followers aren’t engaging with you, it’s meaningless. Before followers can become fans, you need to build genuine relationships. With our engagement boosting prompts and bonus Story templates we make it easy to start conversations and get to know each other.

Feel equally proud of your content and aesthetic
On most social media platforms, you attract followers with both images and words. The same goes for your author brand. Images and words, working together. Maybe you’re better at one than the other. Maybe you have a hard time getting them to align. In either case, we’ve got you covered.

Take back your writing time
Writing a novel is already pretty impressive! You shouldn’t also have to be a pro photographer. Our made-for-you, ready-to-post photos mean you can cross one more thing off your to-do list, so you can use that time to write. Or read. Or play with your kids. Or hug your partner. Or even sleep. Just think of all the other things you could be doing!

Always know exactly what to post
Isn’t it exhausting trying to think of something interesting to say every single day? It’s temping to simply drop a few meaningless emojis or just… not post. But our daily caption prompts guarantee you will never run out of post ideas to entertain and intrigue your readers.

Build a community of readers ready to buy your books
After all the time, love and hard work you put into writing your book, you deserve a parade (or at least a sold out book tour) when it finally enters the world! But for that to happen, you need fans. Yup. Before your book is published. Before it’s even finished. Our social media masterclasses will teach you how to find and attract your ideal readers.

How it works

Join Lemon Friday

When you become a member, you get instant access to over 30 ‘writer lifestyle’ images, 30 conversation-starting caption prompts, a masterclass on a social media hot topic, a collection of creative bonuses and a welcome pack to show you around! Everything has been designed to save you time, increase your confidence, get you more engagement – and generally make your life easier!

Log in to access your toolkits

On the first of every month, an email will drop into your inbox letting you know that a new toolkit, full of freshly squeezed goodies, is ready for you. Whether you’re on your phone, laptop or tablet, it’s so easy to log into your membership area. From there, you can watch your latest masterclass, download your images, get caption inspiration and check out the fun bonuses we’ve snuck in.

Watch your masterclass

Every month, we break down a social media hot topic (like when to use hashtags or how to how to craft the perfect caption). These simple, step-by-step tutorials are full of tips, tricks and insider knowledge to help you stay on top of trends, make the most of new opportunities and take your social media game to the next level. You also get a pdf version of the class to save, print out and refer back to.  

Download your images

Forget bad lighting, cramped ‘studio’ space (ie your dining table) or lack of time. Pick from more than 30 professional-quality images designed to catch the eye of readers and reflect the prettiest sides of writer life! Feel free to mix it up though; we also include multiple photo prompts to inspire your own shoots. As for those surprise bonuses… expect Story templates, unique graphics and much more!

Plan your captions

You’d think captions would come easy for writers. But sometimes your best words have all gone on your manuscript! Our strategic caption prompts for every day of the month allow you to post consistently and with confidence, knowing each prompt has a clear purpose that entices followers to respond and leaves plenty of room for personalization.

Connect with other authors

When you become a Lemon Friday member, you also get access to our private, members-only Facebook group for extra tips, as well as chances to ask questions and share success stories. Plus, you’ll get support, encouragement and even cross-promotional opportunities with other authors!


What makes Lemon Friday different to regular stock photo sites?

First of all, Lemon Friday is NOT a stock photo site. We are a membership community for authors who want to attract and connect with their ideal readers, stand out to book bloggers, agents and publishers, and – ultimately – sell more books!  

Our gorgeous photos are specially created for writers and they are designed to stop readers scrolling right past you, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

You could join Lemon Friday, never use a single one of our photos and STILL get insane value.
Attracting the right kind of followers. Writing fresh and interesting captions every day. Turning followers into fans. Talking about your book without being pushy or ‘salesy’. Feeling confident enough to show up on camera and talk about yourself. Getting your followers to actually take action. Being part of a community of other passionate, ambitious authors. Having FUN on social media!

This is what Lemon Friday is all about.